“What?” She swallowed, painfully. “He was dead when I stopped, or I would have continued. I cared not for Commason. His greatest threat was death or torture. But, my lady, this prince looked upon you wickedly, and—” he choked in a mixture of indignation and embarrassment. Bayta felt strange thoughts come and repressed them sternly. “Magnifico, you've got a gallant soul. ” He bent a red nose into his pie, but, somehow did not eat. Ebling Mis stared out the port. Trantor was near—its metallic shine fearfully bright. Toran was standing there, too.
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Neo-Hebraic literary style: the prose writer Mordecai Aaron Ginzburg (1796-1846) and the poet Abraham Baer Lebensohn (1794-1878). Ginzburg, born in the townlet Salant, in the Zhmud region, [1] lived for some time in Courland, and finally settled in Vilna. familiarize himself with German literature, and was so fascinated by it

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